The Castle of Good Hope

The castle, once a fort, served as a welcoming port for sailors travelling around the Cape. It is the oldest building still surviving in South Africa. It was built between 1666 and 1679 and has a pentagonal fortification. Today, it functions as a showcase of the Cape Town’s early days.

The Signal Hill

It is a popular landmark, which gets its name from the days when a signal man was permanently stationed on the mountainside to warn the castle of approaching ships that were coming into the harbour. These mountains had an upper hand over others as it provided for a panoramic view of the whole of Cape Town. ‘Noon Day Gun’ is the name of a tradition, practiced on this hill even today, to tell the ships in the sea which have lost track of time to re-set their clocks.Cannons are fired daily (except on Sundays) exactly at 12 noon using two guns which are considered to be the oldest in the world and still in use today.

The Table Mountain

It is a flat topped mountain which overlooks the city of Cape Town. This mountain is the only terrestrial feature on Earth to give its name to a constellation called ‘Mensa’. Mensa is the Latin word for ‘table’. The Cape Town flag features anoutline of the Table Mountain.

If you are the adventurous kind, take a 2-hour hike to Table Mountain's summit and enjoy the sweeping view of the city from there.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

This shopping and entertainment destination is the most happening place for family outings, outdoor concerts, spa and salons and plenty of shopping. The V&A Market on the Wharf is also a must-visit for foodies where they can meander through stalls and feast on delicious treats. Whether it is Dad wanting to sip a drink or mom who wants to have her favorite cappuccino or little kids crying for ice-cream, this place has it all for everyone.

Heart of Cape Town museum

The world’s first human heart transplant took place at Cape Town’s Groote  Schuur Hospital in 1967, marking it as one of the defining moments for medical history. The Heart of Cape Town Museum honours those who played a major role in the surgical feat. An exclusive shuttle service escorts visitors from their hotels to the museum for a guided tour of the introductory room, accident room, animal laboratory, the race to transplant the first heart, and a timeline of events that led up to the operation.