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tokyo-152581tokyo imperial palaceTokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the most populated cities in the world.
Japan is renowned in the world for various things such as sumo wrestling, Samurais, Anime, Akira Kurosawa, sushi, origami and Pokémon, etc. Also, the country does not have a standing army, making it quite unique.

World renowned companies such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, etc. have made Tokyo their taken birth in Japan. The Bank of Japan, which is one of the eight Central Banks in the World, is situated here.

Since the World War II, Japan has grown considerably to emerge as a developed nation and Tokyo, in many ways is a Tokyo_National_MuseumSumida aquariumproof of that.

The best way to start one’s trip is by visiting the Tokyo Imperial Palace which is the of residence of the emperor of Japan. The palace is open to public viewing only on the Japanese New Year and the emperor’s birthday where one can take a stroll in the beautiful gardens. Hence it is advised that the tourists must plan their trip during these times, so that they don’t miss out on viewing this important landmark in the city.

Hakone and Five Fuji Lakes are breath-taking places, extremely famous amongst both the people of Japan and tourists. It is heaven for people who wish to seek oblivion from the hurly burly life of the urban city.

fuji-five-lakesanimejapan festivalHakone is a national park from where one can view Mount Fuji.  Five Fuji Lakes is an ideal place for trekking. One also indulge is fishing, water sports and enjoy the view of the nature.

Tokyo is famous for hosting various events and festivals, of which the Anime Japan Festival is one of the most visited.

Anime in another name for the animation industry in Japan. Anime, over the years has carved out its own niche and is widely followed all over the world due to its distinct story line and techniques involved.

Movies like Grave of the fireflies and cartoon series like Pokémon have garnered a huge fan following amongst not only kids but also adults.

Tokyo-Disneyland-Parkpokemon center entranceHence, this festival is attended by not only Japanese and International producers but also by toy and game developers.

The fair takes place in the second half of March.

Another famous place in Tokyo that is a must visit for children is the Disney Sea World and Disney Park. It is the fourth most visited park in the world.

If you are a big fan of Pokémon and Hello Kitty  then the  Pokemon Center Mega and  Sanrio Puroland  should be on your bucket list. Both are theme parks based on these two extremely famous cartoons.

Tokyo is one of those rare cities which despite being urbanized has managed to keep its history and tradition intact. A visitor can not only enjoy what the city has to offer but also learn that how a small country despite all odds has emerged as a developed nation.