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In the last article we talked about some of the places to visit in Andaman that is Neil Island and Havelock Island and what made it special.
In this account, we will talk more about other places of attraction in Andaman.

Jolly Buoy Islands

Located some 30 km away from Port Blair, the only way to reach this island is through the ferry. Now, these islands are unique for various reasons. Firstly, the adjacent cousin island known as the Red Skin Islands remain dysfunctional, when Jolly Buoy is active and vice-versa. The process takes place half-yearly as Jolly Buoy is open to tourists for the six months and Red Skin takes up the rest.

Jolly Buoy IslandThe reasons behind this are to keep the locals employed and prevent any loss from incurring since, the tourists will have no option but to visit only one of the islands. Secondly, the idea of one island every six months also helps in preserving the flora and fauna.
Why these islands are even more unique is because you cannot stay overnight on these islands. One can stay on the beach for about five hours. There are no hotels and restaurants, and no changing rooms if you want to take a dip in the water. You are not allowed to carry anything made up of plastic and you can go back either through a ferry or by swimming.
So, as it turned out, the time during which I had visited Andaman, it was the Jolly Buoy Island to welcome us. The supreme serenity of the place was simply breathtaking. The live corals and aquatic creatures added to the beauty of the place. The aquatic life also forms the crux of promoting tourism. The beauty of these creatures prove the need to protect and preserve them. The people living in Andaman take special care in protecting these creatures, as they not only add to the beauty but, are also source of livelihood for the people here.
The Red Skin Islands is very similar to the Jolly Buoy Island.

Baratanga Island
Baratanga Islands is around 100 km away from Port Blair. It is not advisable to stay there since there are no resorts and due to security and government regulations, it is best to return.
The island is accessible by road. As you enter the forest area one has to follow an army convoy as these forests have the indigenous people of Andaman known as the Jarawas.

limestone cave-Baratanga Island

A visit to Baratanga is incomplete without visiting the Limestone caves which are surrounded by mangrove trees. Legends say that these caves emerged from under the water and the caves are made up of pure limestone or in simpler words crystallised version of calcium carbonate. The rocks here have turned black due to people touching them, something they are not supposed to do.

Other places of attractions are mud volcano which spurts small amount of mud. Parrot Island is another place to visit if you want to watch the sunset. Chidiyatapu beach though is more apt to watch the sunset and is preferred since, it is nearer to Port Blair.
Even though Andaman Islands are not known as paradise, they are no less than one. The Andaman Islands is a favourite holiday spot and is one of the must visit places in down South.