Auckland New Zealand

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Auckland is also known as ‘Tamaki’ in the Maori language. Maori is the language of Maori Tribe of New Zealand. Auckland is one of the largest cities of New Zealand. Being a transport hub, it is also a city which has a lot to offer to adventurers. From museums, to exotic mountains, to lively stadiums, Auckland is a favourite spot of the tourists who visit New Zealand. Apart from this, the culture of Auckland is very attractive.

Places to visit in Auckland

If you are a sports lover, you have plenty of options to choose from. Sports like cricket, rugby and football are very famous. Whether it is the Eden park for cricket or Mt Stadium for rugby or QBE stadium for football, all of them are surrounded by beautiful landscapes

eden park cricket stadiumAuckland National War Museum is another place of significance in the city. It gives a great deal of information about the history of New Zealand. Whether it is knowing about the indigenous Maori people or the wars fought in the country, information is available in plenty, in the form of artefacts and paintings.

one tree hillThe carved space of a volcanic field, and a typical Maori canoe are special attractions at the museum, definitely worth seeing.

One Tree Hill is a volcanic peak, which acted as an isthmus. It was once a fortress to the country.  John Logan Campbell, who was a Scottish businessman residing in New Zealand, gifted the surrounding land to the city of Auckland. On the peak of the mountain, one would get a 360-degree view and at the summit, one can find the grave of Campbell. There is also a memorial built in honour of the Maori people.

There is also an information centre, near the volcanic peak, which has a fascinating view into the times when only a few thousand people lived, and how the city looked, at that point of time.

One Tree Hill is close to Cornwall Park which is a hub for joggers and children.

Mount Edencivic theatreMt Eden is another volcanic cone, where adventurers and joggers can walk to take a 360-degree view of the Auckland city. One can also visit the village nearby for shopping and have lunch at one of the cafes there.

Civic Theatre is owned by the people of Auckland. It was considered as a grand location, where different genres of movies would be screened. It is currently owned by Edge Entertainment Ltd. The theatre was refurbished in 1990 for a princely sum of $45 million. A very good place to visit if you are looking to watch some entertaining shows.

Sea Life AquariumKelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium is one of the most exciting places to visit, which would keep both children and adults interested. The Aquarium has more than 30 kinds of aquatic species, including various types of sharks, which are the highlights of the aquarium.

Not to miss, is the world’s largest exhibition of Antarctic Penguins.

Fort stony batterFort Stony Batter also known by the codename A2, was a fort built during the Second World War to protect the land from the German and Japanese attacks. The Fort is situated in Waiheke Islands which is 21 Kilometres away from Auckland and can be reached by a ferry. This is a must visit place for the history lovers.

Auckland has a lot to offer to a tourist, especially those who love adventure and history. Right from watching a cricket or a rugby game, a trek to a volcanic cliff, knowing the history of the Maoris and the scenic beauty of the city, there is a lot in store for those who visit this beautiful city. The city has gained more popularity after it successfully hosted the Cricket World Cup in early 2015. Auckland certainly has a lot of treasures and charms to offer, and is definitely one of the most beautiful places around the world to visit.