Kenya – of the wild, by the wild and for the wild

The name Kenya resounds time and again when you talk about national reserves. The entire country is a safari and no other place on earth can match the wilderness that completes it. A land of the wildebeest, mountains, lakes and the most indigenous tribes, this country has the ultimate experience of thrill and romance to offer to the enthusiast traveller.

Maasai Mara


The ‘Maasai Mara’ is the largest ecosystem in the world.  It supports a huge herbivores popultiion. Named after the red-robed Maasai people who still continue to live the nomadic from centuries, Maasai Mara is the most spectacular game sanctuaries in the world. It is known for the Great Migration where thousands of wildebeest, Zebra and gazelles move to and from Serengeti.


Amboseli National Park

The home to the renowned African elephant, Amboseli National Reserve is one of Kenya's most visited parks by tourists, world over. Flanked by the African peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, it literally means ‘salty dust’, which describes the high aridity of the park. The majestic and gigantic elephants are an eye appeal to the avid adventurer.  Felines like the lion and cheetah are a recurrent sight here. Kenya’s celebrated wildlife lives amid the wetlands, savannahs and forests.



The modern yet historic capital of Kenya, Nairobi has an evocative past. Traces of colonial British are seen everywhere. The Nairobi Museum guards the exhibits on Kenya’s culture, history and contemporary art. The Nairobi National Park is the only wildlife sanctuary which is encircled by the city. Both the civilians and the animals are undisturbed by this. A visit to Nairobi is not complete until you have personally fed the giraffes with your hands. 


 Mount Kenya

A remarkable achievement of winning the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a UNESCO  Biosphere Reserve, is something that Mount Kenya has to its name. Mount Kenya is a mountain with breathtaking views. Originated from volcanic eruptions, it is known for the glaciers out of which it is made. Upheld to be one of the most sacred peaks, it is highly venerated and worshipped by the tribes. Hiking up the rugged terrain is easy, but the descent is a daredevil act.