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Toronto, one of Canada’s largest cities. Itis a leading tourist destination and attracts millions of tourists every year. The city is home to many tourist sites like museums, beaches, heritage sites and cultural centres. The word Toronto means, ‘a meeting place’.


royal-ontario-museumThe Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario museumhas over 6 million exhibits with numerous paintings of world famous artists. Dedicated to nature and world culture, it has collections of prehistoric animals, art and archaeological finds. It is designed by Toronto-based architects,Frank Darling and John A. Pearson. This historic building initially housed five separate museums: the Royal Ontario Museums of Archaeology, Palaeontology, Mineralogy, Zoology, and Geology.

Back in the 1930s, Toronto newspapers reported it as a ‘masterpiece of architecture’.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth officially inaugurated the Terrace Galleries, in a high profile ceremony of 1984.It is a museum of international stature and a premier cultural and social destination.

The Niagara Falls

AA019259The Niagara Falls, is one of the world’s largest waterfalls. The largest city in Canada being situated less than 2 hours away from the falls and the huge population residing in the Buffalo-Niagara area, makes Niagara Falls a sure-shot tourist destination. Touted to be the most photographed waterfall when compared to others, the Niagara River which sources the Fall, maintains a consistent flow all year around.

Other attractions

Casa loma castleBuilt about a century ago, the Casa Loma castle is a hugely popular tourist destination. Originally built as an apartment building, this beautiful, medieval castle is now used for film shootings.

Toronto is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It has collections of hockey artefacts, themed exhibits dedicated to the game and its players.

The CN tower in Toronto is a communications and observation tower. The tower hosts an annual stair climbing event that attracts thousands of people who enthusiastically climb the 1700-odd stairs.

Canada's Largest Indoor Aquarium Opens TodayThe Ripley’s aquarium is one of its kind aquarium and houses a huge sea life from around the world much to the visitor’s amusement. It has North America’s longest underwater viewing tunnel.

The Bata Shoe Museum houses a huge collection of shoes that depicts the evolution of styles and designs over the years.

Toronto is also known for celebrating festivals with high spirits. The Santa Claus parade and the Caribana festival are the most popular ones. The Santa Claus parade has been taking place since 1905 and is part of their tradition. One can see animated floats, thousands of costumed participants, exhibitions and fairs across the city.

Did you know?

  • The beaches in Toronto are certified under the international ‘Blue flag program’ which recognises beaches for their cleanliness, safety and high quality amenities.
  • The Royal bank of Canada has windows that are coated with gold. This has been done to insulate the building.