CaptureMauritius is an archipelago nation in the Indian Oceanknown for racial harmony among its mixed population of Asians, Europeans and Africans. It is popular for its wildlife tourism, as this country safeguards itsanimal,bird and aquaticspecies from extinction.Wild dolphins can sometimes be spotted near its various shorelines.The country’s capital – Port Louis is the most populated city and is the centrefor various cultural activities. Tourism on the island is popular as its surrounding calm sapphire blue waters draws people to this land. Mauritius is also famous for various water sports like kayaking, stand up paddling and para-sailing.Capture1

Ganga Talao, also known as Grand Bassin is a crater lake and is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites outside of India. It has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with several temples, little shrines and colourful statues.Along the lake is a statue of lord Shiva,which is 33 meters tall and is known to be the highest statue in Mauritius.Maha-Shivaratree is celebrated here with much reverence. More than 4 lakh believers makean annual pilgrimage to the temples at Ganga Talao to give their offerings and prayers. Capture2

In the southern part of Mauritius, lies a crocodile and giant tortoise park. Many Nile crocodiles and giant tortoises are found in this park. The visitors have a chance to pet, feed and even play with the giant tortoises.Capture3

Black River Gorges National Park is Mauritius’ biggest protected reserve. It is home to manyendangered bird species of the island. The park has 60 kilometres of trails, with guided walks that allows visitors to have a great experience of connecting with nature.Thus, Mauritius is a great place to visit for nature and water sports enthusiasts, who are eager to reconnect with nature and its elements