navigli01Aduomo di milano trip to Europe is incomplete without a visit to Milan.It is an important centre from an economy point of view, as it is home to the stock market. Apart from that, Milan is also home to various fashion outlets and two of the most widely followed football clubs in the world.

Places to see in Milan

Duomo di Milano is the second largest cathedral in the world. The cathedral is dedicated to the statue of Madonna, the mother of Jesus Christ. A walk on the rooftop of the cathedral is a great experience! One can learn a lot about the history of Milan and Italian architecture from this cathedral.

Navigli is one of the oldest canals existing in Italy. It has been a favourite place for shooting movies. Italian Job, a famous Hollywood movie had one of its action sequences shot here. A ride on a cruise boat makes the experience more serene and beautiful.

parco sempioneplanetarium milanThe Planetarium, also known as ‘UlrichoHoepli’ is one of the most important landmarks in the city of Milan and the largest planetarium in Italy. The planetarium, built to teach astronomy and science, hosts thousands of visitors everyday.

Parco Sempione is a 116 acre covered garden far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. Stadio-di-San-Siro1Created in 1888, the park is houses an aquarium, a sports stadium, a castle and a famous arch which gives lot of information about the time spent by Napoleonin Milan.

A football lover will not miss the chance to visit San Siro, the home ground to two of the most acclaimed and widely followed football clubs, Inter Milan and AC Milan. This stadium will host the finals of the UEFA Champions League in 2016.

Milan has various churches, museums and monuments which attracts thousands of tourists. It is also home to various fashion designing outlets, accessories in the markets of Milan.