Hidden Beach


‘Playa del Amor’(Beach of Love), most commonly known as the hidden beach, is a fascinating feature of the Marieta Islands, situated in the west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.The islands and the beach make fairy tales and fantasies seem real to the viewer.

It is believed that these Islands were formed due to volcanic activities. Prior to World War I, Mexican government had used these islands for bomb testing and target practising. It can be assumed that these bombings formed caves and unique mesmerising patterns in the island.

The Marieta Islands is a natural reserve and are protected by the Mexican government. However, tourism is allowed with permission from the government.

 San Miguel de Allende

Known for extensive Spanish architecture, San Miguel de Allende, is a famous Mexican city named after General Ignacio Allende, an important person during the Mexico’s War of Independence.

Different from the typical Mexican tourist places, San Miguel de Allende doesn’t have captivating beaches, but instead it is a city of narrow cobblestone paths, opulent gardens and comprehensive Spanish buildings.

It is located in Guanajuato city state and is 96 kilometres from the capital state.   




Zihuatanejo or popularly known as Zihua, is a city of peaceful beaches. It is the fourth biggest city in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

One of the best beaches is Playa la Ropa that is named after a wrecked Spanish galleon. It also has many other alluring beaches like ‘Playa Contamar’, ‘Playa Manzanillo’, etc

Zihuatanejo also offers a wide range of gratifying activities like swimming, parasailing, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins etc.



Merida is the lively capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan. It is also the largest city in Yucatan State. Merida city was built in 1542. The Spanish destroyed many pyramids and built cathedrals in Merida.

Rio Lagartos, a place near Yucatan is known as the ‘Pink Paradise’. It was declared as the Spanish Biosphere Reserve in 1979 and is a protected area. In around 60,000 hectares of land, as many as 40,000 birds can be found. Among the mountains of salt, the water can also be seen in a pleasing shade of pink along with beautiful pink flamingos inhabiting the place.

Merida is also an architectural and cultural hub. Mayan and Spanish architecture can be found in the city. Like many other Mexican cities, it is also known for beautiful beaches and Mexican cuisine delights.

 National Palace of Mexico

Also known as Palacio Nacional, The National Palace of Mexico was built in 1692.

However, it was declared as the National Palace of Mexico only in 1821 after the Mexican War of Independence.It is the home of the country’s Presidents as well as Federal Treasury and National Archives.

It is open to visitors from 9 AM to 5 PM every day.