Jatraprasad watchtower

We knew that the park had tigers and that it wouldn’t be easy to spot one as they were known to be extremely shy. Despite that, I was hoping against hope that I would spot one but to my dismay it didn’t happen.

As the sun set and the evening dawned upon us, it became eerily dark and you had to be careful. The jeep moved towards Jatraprasad Watch Tower, a place where it would be my final chance to spot the national animal of India.

We had to wait as the darker it would get, higher would be our chances to see one. One could not talk much, make any noise and remain alert.

The wait finally ended.

At a fair distance good enough to see them, a tiger a tigress slowly walked out. Despite being dark, we could see them clearly as they lied down. They were around for 15 minutes before they left and we couldn’t get luckier than that.

We were lucky, since one generally doesn’t get to spot a tiger. But to watch not one but two of them and that too from a distance of few hundred metres, I am sure it was an opportunity I may not get the next time I visit Gorumara.

We were too tired and as we reached the guest house, we dined on some delicious, aromatic food.

It was a fruitful day and as I hit the bed, it didn’t take me much time to fall asleep.

The next day after freshening up and having the customary bread and omelette, it was time to bid goodbye to Gorumara but not before we had taken a trip to the less dense forest areas. This time not with a jeep, but by sitting on the back of an elephant.

elephat at gorumara national park

The elephant ride gave me a jittery feeling. I was sitting on the back of an animal, who despite being a lovely creature was unpredictable. Falling down from his would be enough to break couple of bones, but the mother elephant knew it to be her daily routine and the baby elephant playfully moved along and was happy to be amongst us, as much as we were to be amongst these lovely animals.

Finally, the trip came to an end and as our jeep finally moved, I could see that the baby elephant was not so happy. He had loved our presence as much we loved his and the fact that we were leaving clearly disappointed him.

The baby elephant and the forests of Gorumara taught me that they are all part of nature and played an important role.

As for the baby elephant, he must have grown and is probably not that playful. But I only live in hope, that the next time we meet, he will remember me, for I have heard a lot about an elephant’s memory power. I hope it will be a sweet reunion not only with him but also the beloved Gorumara.



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