The-Louvre-MuseumEiffel TowerA trip to Paris is incomplete without going to the most famous monument synonymous with the city – the Eiffel Tower. What was built in 1889 as an entrance to the World’s Fair to mark the centennial celebration of the French Revolution is today the most visited paid monument in the world. There are three levels in the tower and as you go up, the panoramic view of the city expands and gives you a perspective of this metropolis. The second level is the best to take pictures. Don’t miss the illumination in the evening where 336 projectors light up the mammoth structure. There are also sparkling lights which light up the Eiffel tower for 5 minutes every hour between sundown and 1:00AM. It takes 20,000 light bulbs to create that effect.

Palace of VersaillesThe Palace of Versailles is located on the outskirts of the French capital and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. And rightly so because what was once a hunting lodge for the King Louis XIII was transformed and expanded into an extravagant complex and the seat of power by Louis XIV. Some of the highlights of this grand monument are the 250 acres of manicured gardens,  The Hall of Mirrors which has 357 mirrors reflecting the grand garden through its arched windows, The Chapel of Versailles, Opera Auditorium, and Grand Apartments also known as the ‘Apartment of Planets’ as each salon in the apartment has a painting of a planet.

And don’t forget to look at the ceiling while you are in the palace.The Gardens in the palace is the most famous in landscape history. The Green Carpet is flanked by rows of large trees and ends at the spectacular Fountain of Apollo. Beyond the fountain, the line of walk is continued by the Grand Canal, a long waterway. During Louis XIV’s tenure at Versailles, Venetian gondolas traversed the Grand Canal, and tourists today can ply the same waters in small rowboats.

Notre damedisneylandNotre dame Cathedral is amongst the largest church buildings in the world. You will see its distinctive Gothic architecture style with pointed arches. Some of the other aspects of this structure that stand out are the stained-glass windows and its realistic sculptures. The construction of  the Notre dame cathedral started in the 12th century and it took 300 years to complete.  Take an audio guide with you to get a deeper understanding of the history and significance of this cathedral, the flying buttress (arched exterior supports), the bell tower and the gargoyles on the walls of the church.

A trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to Paris Disneyland. The park covers 4,800 acres and you can choose from two themed parks – the Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Studio and watch some of your favorite toon characters come alive with fun and some scary rides. You can sing along with Anna and Elsa from Frozen or explore the jungle adventure. Make sure you watch the Disney Magic Parade and the light and sound show every evening.