Close your eyes and think about the Rann of Kutch and you can immediately conjure up an image of Big B against a vast, white horizon.It is impossible to remain immune to explore what the beautiful landscape has to offer. The Great Rann of Kutch is a seasonal salt desert located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat. Capture2It is shared between India and the Sindhprovince of Pakistan. Kutch, one of the most ecologically and ethnically diverse districtsof Gujarat, is the largest area of nothingness on the planet.

Kutch is the cultural district of Gujarat. The music is influenced by Sufi and folk songs. Instruments like- Bhorrindo, Manjira, Morchay, JodiaPava and Rava are popular here. Various handicrafts and embroidered garments, handwall painting, jewellery items, wood carving, wall paintings, are the specialty here.

Despite its ethereal beauty, there is a strange mystery which leaves it uninhabited. It is the final barrier which separates India from Pakistan along itswestern border. Only Capture3camels can cross these wastes. An abundance of innumerable hues, extravagant clothes, lavish mix of different cultures, and a carnival of music and dance describes the spirit of this place.

Every year during the full moon, aday preceding and succeeding it- a total of three days including the full moon day in December, the Gujarat Government hostsCapture4 a yearly 3 day festival which extends into two months called the Rann Utsav (festival of the Rann). The festival sees more than 8000 tourists visiting from all over the world.Special local houses are built to accommodate this sea of humanity. Many adventure clubs and travel clubs organize expeditions.

The white lands of the Banni grasslands at the southern fringe come alive under the moonlit sky to an endless cycle of dance and celebration. Colourful fairs are held near the beach or the banks of a lake. Rannutsav hosts a wide plethora of activities for all ages and tastes.  Horse Rides, Camel Safaris, Bird Watching, Pool Table, Table Tennis, ATV Riding, Para motoring, Archery, Giant Chess, Net Cricket, Bicycle, etc., the list is endless. For the culturalenthusiasts, organizedtours are conducted to experience the life and uniqueness of the people.

Nearby destinations



Wild ass sanctuary Situated in the region of the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, the sanctuary is famous world over for Indian Wild Ass which is high on the list of endangered species. Besides the Wild Ass, chinkara, desert fox, jackal, desert cat, caracal, nilgai, wolf, blackbuck, and striped hyena are the other residents. It is home to nearly 350 different species of birds, which have the common crane, pelican and the lesser flamingo. Ethnic groups and local tribes – Kolis, Rabaris, Bajanias, Kutchis, Gujjars and the Bharvads dominate this region. Visitors from overseas such as the blue-tailed bee-eater from Europe and the Siberian crane, the  vulture from Egypt and the houbara bustard from Iran and Iraq are most commonly sighted.

Aina Mahal  As the name suggests, it is a palace of mirrors situated in Bhuj.  A fine blend of Indian and European architecture, the walls are made of white marble covered with mirrors. Which is Capture8Capture7separated by the gilded ornaments. Elaborate,Victorian,candelabra with shades of Venetian glass, light up this place. One of the unique features is the pleasure pool and right in the middle of it is a square platform. This place used to be an abode of the classical dancers, poets and musicians.

Kala Dungar is the highest point in the middle of the vast expanse of the dunes of Kutch offering awe-inspiring views of the Rann. The journey is an experience by(in) itself.


Mandvi Beach is a small fortified town which boasts of one of the most peaceful and tranquil coastlines of the country. Mandvi Beach is famous for its camel and horse rides.

Dholavirais  the famous Harappan site, the oldest civilization of the world. A trip to Dholavirais like walking through a history text book showing town planning elements, and remnants of a lifestyle of an era forgotten. A must-visit if accompanied by children.With its exuberance of colour, culture and hospitality,The Rann will definitely leave you overwhelmed and mesmerized.