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Cambridge Court rule Jaipur

  • WINNERS: CAMBRIDGE COURT : Ms. Aditi Singh and Hitesh Rajwani
  • RUNNERS UP: JAYSHREE PERIWAL HIGH SCHOOL – Bhavay Goenka and Kunaal Hemnani

The historic city of Jaipur has always done well at Travel Quest. Given its history in this quiz the huge turnout of close to a 1000 students was not a surprise. It was no surprise, as well, that the prelim, hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado, was a tricky one that made the teams think a fair bit on multiple questions that covered a wide landscape of subjects. The finalists were:

jaipur Winners 2016
Winners: : CAMBRIDGE COURT : Ms.Aditi Singh and Hitesh Rajwani

  • SEEDLING PUBLIC SCHOOL – Hardik Tatiwala and Harshal Arora
  • SUBODH PUBLIC SCHOOL – Sreshtha Saxena and Dushyant Pareek
  • CAMBRIDGE COURT – Ms. Aditi Singh and Hitesh Rajwani
  • RUKMANI BIRLA MODERN HIGH – Ms. Nandini Bhala and Harsh Naveen
  • RYAN INTERNATIONAL – Aditya Dixit and Agnish Upadhyay
  • JAYSHREE PERIWAL HIGH SCHOOL – Bhavay Goenka and Kunaal Hemnani

The final stared with ace quizmaster Pickbrain in command. The final was a very close affair with the duo from Rukmani Birla bursting into the lead in the early rounds of the quiz. While it looked like they would run away with the final, the duo from Cambridge Court starting clawing their way into the battle.

As one round moved into another the tension was visible. Cambridge Court played very well and got past all the teams in quick time and were in-fact well ahead of the rest. The team from Jayshree Periwal also did well and got close to Rukmani Birla with a few good strikes on the buzzer.

At this stage, trying to score one too many times, the Cambridge Court team lost points to a few wrong hits on the buzzer. That gave the other teams a chance again. With three teams now with a fair chance to win, the quiz was open all over again. The Cambridge Court team still in the lead could have played safe but they took their chances bravely and this time around with a firm foot closed the final to emerge champions.

The boys from Jayshree Periwal did well to inch past Rukmani Birla as the runner up. Noted quizmaster Pickbrain, who anchored the final, gave away the certificates to the teams. The winners make it to the national semi-final to be held at Ooty, early 2017. The winners and runners of the national finale will win international trips for themselves and their teacher.

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