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Clarence ride high at Bangalore

  • WINNERS: CLARENCE HIGH SCHOOL: Bharani Vel Karthik and Sai Harshit
  • RUNNERS UP: BGS NPS : Abhineet and Aniket

The garden city of Bangalore witnessed a participation from teams across the city and also far away towns like Mangalore and Bellary. The teams were taken through a prelim of 20 questions by quizmaster Bhavik Shah. He set a brisk pace and gave clues where needed to help teams crack more questions. The prelim led to the following finalists.

BANGOLORE Winners 2016
Winners: : CLARENCE HIGH SCHOOL : Bharani Vel Karthik and Sai Harshit

  • CLARENCE HIGH SCHOOL – Bharani Vel Karthik and Sai Harshit
  • PRESIDENCY RT NAGAR – Md.Taufeeq and Adithya
  • BGS NPS – Abhineet and Aniket
  • PRESIDENCY SOUTH – Ms.Archisha and Ms.Sanjana Sanjay
  • PSBB Learning Academy – Aadithya Kannan and Shashank Pandey
  • NHVPS – Anirudh Rao and Ms.Gowri Suresh

The final was tense with Clarence off to a good start but most of the teams scored quickly to put the pressure on each other. The teams from Presidency, NHVPS and BGS NPS kept scoring at regular intervals while Clarence managed to score every time the other teams caught up with them.

The buzzers brought in more tensions as teams were a little careful to not take negatives. The duo from PSBB in their keenness to move forward lost out on the buzzers and could not recover from there on.

The other teams stayed in the hunt but it was Clarence that held out the challengers to script a memorable victory for their school. The youngest team on stage from BGS NPS finished runner up inching past Presidency RT Nagar on the final question.

The winners make it to the national semi-final to be held at Ooty, early 2017. The winners and runners of the national finale will win international trips for themselves and their teacher.

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