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Rules & Regulations

  • For children to participate in the event, the school needs to directly register.
  • Thomas Cook will conduct an online prelim on www.travel-quest.in, through which top 20 students (10 teams) from every school will be qualified for the city round.
  • There is NO entry fee.
  • The quiz is open to students from class 6 to 9.
  • Two students make a team. Individual contestants will not be allowed.
  • Both students would be from the same school.
  • Upholding the true spirit of participation and to provide more students with a travel and learn experience, Travel Quest graduates its national finalists to the Hall of Fame. This means once a team makes it to the national final of the quiz, they cannot take part again in the following years of the quiz. The school, however, can be represented by other students in the following years.

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