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A bit of everything in the destination is the idea behind these tours. Ideal for all ages, we give equal importance to leisure, culture and education in these itineraries. Experience your journey like a traveller and leave nothing unseen.

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Singapore South Africa Swizerland and France

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Science and Technology
The marvels of science are often experienced in laboratories but for us travellers it is in the museums and science centres. The journeys here take you on a tour that stretch beyond the countries and cities that we have crossed oceans to reach. From the prestigious space technology of NASA to hands-on workshops at the Singapore Science centre, we make textbooks come alive.

Belgium and Netherlands
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg & Germany
Singapore USA with Houston Space University Orlando, New York,
Washington Dc And Niagara

Travelling to understand the culture and people is one of the best kinds of getaways. Keeping this in mind, we offer you a chance to be a local; from language classes to cultural activities, these colourful trips will be memorable for much more than the attractions you will see.

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Sports and Outdoors
Warm up and prepare to breathe some fresh air. Our action packed outdoor trips are designed to engage you physically and mentally. Camps designed specifically for students across the globe offer workshops that seek to mould you into leaders.

Cricket Tour – South Africa
Soccer Camp, United Kingdom Switzerland Outdoor Adventure Camp
Switzerland Ski Camp

A step away from the world of career, we help you get the best out of your education on these tours. Visits to industries, interaction with global students at a reputed university and subject-specific workshops are some of the components that make your experience educational. Choose from a wide range of special services across countries to cater to your needs.

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Every form of art is shaped by the local culture and traditions, which includes architecture. Right from the structures belonging to the early centuries to those that redefine geometry today; these man-made marvels continue to enchant all tourists alike. Our tours are aimed to take you to not only the popular ones but also those tucked away in the narrow lanes of a city with the help of experts in the field. In addition, the chance to participate in workshops and lectures makes our tour truly architectural in nature.

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