Singapore 1st VertHighlights

  • Singapore Science Centre workshops
  • Singapore Maritime Gallery
  • Sentosa Island
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Newater plant
  • Singapore City Gallery
  • Jurong bird park
  • Universal studios



Welcome to Singapore. Check in to your hotel and relax for a great trip ahead

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We begin our day at the Singapore science centre, which is a leading regional Science Centre that promotes interest and creative learning in science and technology. The Robotics workshop engages you in hands-on experiments that combine different subjects such as science, sports and technology. With the help of Lego WeDo, we will link real life robot constructions to the virtual world of computers and learn about basic programming and engineering in a fun and interactive way. The theme is focused on Robotic Athletes!

Discover the Singapore Maritime Gallery as you journey through the exciting experiential zones. These zones tell us the story of Singapore’s development as a port city through exhibits such as the working of cargo terminals, the country’s position on global trade routes, etc.

Next, we visit the most famous attraction of the country, Sentosa Island, one of the most talked resorts in Asia that welcomes over 20 million people each year. With its wide range of attractions, there is little chance a person of any age group might get bored. Also visit the Underwater World Oceanarium where you can venture into the ocean depths via a moving travellator that ferries you through an 83-metrelong acrylic tunnel and then experience the Dolphin Show. Later enjoy a one way cable car ride in this resort before you prepare to be spellbound by ‘Wings of Time – a show of characters, sound, light and laser extravaganza.

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Today we begin with the Amazing chemistry workshop, experience the fantastic colour changes, puffs, flames, bangs and many more amazing chemistry tricks in this lecture demonstration. Enjoy the intriguing entertainment while the chemistry principles behind the phenomena are revealed.

Let us next head to explore Singapore’s latest national gardens, Gardens by the Bay, the largest at 54 hectares. Get in touch with nature and embark on a learning escapade at Gardens by the Bay. Get ready for a host of amazing discoveries! Let the wonders of nature take you on an adventure. Let the Gardens’ blend o f nature and high-tech innovation capture your senses. Discover how plants adapt to the environment, their uses to man, and the threats that they face. Recognise the importance of conservation, as you become aware of the effects of climate change and habitat destruction, happening in real time, on Earth. Finally, be inspired to make a commitment towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, as you learn more about our sustainable strategies at Gardens by the Bay.

Next up is a very interesting and unusual visit. The Singapore Water Reclamation Study (NEWater Study) is an initiative to determine the suitability of using NEWater as a source of raw water to supplement Singapore’s water supply (a practice known as Planned Indirect Potable Use, or IPU). NEWater is treated used water that has undergone stringent purification and treatment process using advanced dual-membrane (microfiltration and reverse osmosis) and ultraviolet technologies. From interactive tour to educational workshops, the NEWater Visitor Centre promises a fun-filled and enriching time for everyone. Take a stroll through the gallery, understand the science behind NEWater and experience what it’s like to be a water molecule undergoing treatment! There’s no better way to learn about Singapore’s 3rd National Tap than by making a trip to the NEWater Visitor Centre.

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Our day commences with the DNA Basics workshop, ever seen how DNA looks like? Why is DNA so important? Be a DNA scientist for the day and join us in this introductory lesson and learn about the basics of DNA. See what DNA looks like in real life and make a 3-D DNA model to bring home!

Next is the Singapore City Gallery, which tells the story of Singapore’s physical transformation over the past 50 years. The architectural models and interactive galleries provide a great insight into the growth and future of this city country

The final attraction of the day is Jurong Bird Park is one place where the beauty of nature is within a hand’s reach. Built at a cost of $ 3.5 million, it is home to 5,000 birds of 400 species in Jurong Bird Park. Of these, 29 are of threatened species. Thematic exhibits such as African Waterfall Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, etc. showcase birds that are most often seen only on TV.

Besides enjoying the beautiful sights, visitors also get a chance for an up-close experience with the birds and watch spectacular shows performed by these winged beauties.

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After breakfast proceed to Universal Studios for a day of fun and frolic. Step into the fantastic world of movie magic; fight villains, catch the celebrities and revel in the glamour of showbiz as you jump into the screen and “ride the movies” on roller coasters and other movie-themed attractions. At Universal Studios Singapore, you will be inspired and delighted by unique entertainment experiences that bring the silver screen to life. Thrillseekers can choose between coasters where they are seated or where they are suspended. Exciting loops, sudden turns, breathtaking drops and thrilling near-collisions will make you scream your heart out.

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