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Sharada Vidyalaya

Experience is the best teacher they say, and I completely agree with it. Being an avid quizzer, I wholeheartedly thank the organization for conducting such a unique & enjoyable quiz for students across India. Usually, people perceive that quizzing is just cramming up facts, but Travel Quest proved it isn’t. I clearly remember that day, 29th January 2015.

The hall was warm with the jitters of all of the quizzers who all had their eyes on the grand prize which was a trip to Singapore. The prelims were quite interesting and around 300 teams fought for a place in the finale. I can’t express the joy I felt when I was selected for the finale of one of India’s biggest quizzes conducted by the ever-fascinating Quiz-master, Giri Balasubramanium. This was one of the best quizzes I have attended.

The quiz was a wonderful learning experience. We almost felt that we were travelling the whole world during the quiz. The quiz kindled the interest in us to learn about travel and tourism. Travel Quest was unique in the aspect that it was conducted mainly on tourism and the questions were logical and had to be worked out. The phenomenal quizmaster Giri Balasubramanium made sure the quiz was informative and lively.

It was exhilarating till the end. But one fact that saddened me was that we were among the very few teams from outside Bengaluru. I wish students from other towns also get chances to participate in such competitions and enhance their knowledge. I know I will never forget the experience I have gained. We are looking forward to the forthcoming trip to Singapore as I am sure that it will be a memorable one.

I would like to thank Thomas Cook India, Travel Quest and Greycaps India for this wonderful opportunity, to not only showcase our talents but also to visit different places across the globe in order to learn and enhance our personalities.

- Prajna Hebbar

Sharada Vidyalaya

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