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Sharada Vidyalaya

Travel Quest winners trip organized jointly by Thomas Cook and Singapore Tourism Board was a perfect edutainment opportunity for students and the faculty members.

We were lucky enough to have a glimpse of the process of recycling, used H2O in 3 stages into the virtual water at NEWater centre. The mammoth task of recycling made us realize the importance given to elixir of life – H2O by the Singaporeans.

The visit to Changi Museum and Kranji war memorial made us recall the heroic deeds of the brave hearts and martyrs who now lay beneath the carved stones.

The fantabulous and thrilling experience we had at Universal studios made us, all the more brave and adventurous. Entry into the lost world took us to the prehistoric days. Roller coaster rides, Accelerator, Transformer etc. tested our stamina.

Deeper understanding of the oceans, their ecosystem and marine conservation was the outcome of the visit to the Marine Life Park.

Wildlife at its very best was witnessed in the Singapore Zoo located at Sentosa Island. Had a unique experience of being in an authentic Tropical Rainforest.

To top it all, we had an interactive educational adventure by having a majestic view of the man-made waterfall in the cloud forest. Display of the diverse plant life from all corners of the world in the award-winning cooled conservatories and towering vertical gardens of the Bay made us realize the need for conservation and living responsibly. We thus acquired and discovered the intricacies of plant life at the themed gardens.

On the whole, the trip was awesome, entertaining and educative, facilitating group learning and increased our commitment towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

- Sunitha Mady

Sharada Vidyalaya

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