Ulan Bator is the capital city of Mongolia, a country in Asia. The city is surrounded by mountains and was formed in the 1600s as a nomadic monastery for the Buddhists and later developed into a commercial city.

The Winter Palace of Bogd Khan, now a museum, was the place where the last Mongolian ruler named Bogd Khan lived. With several temples in its premises, the museum offers a wide variety of Buddhist art. It also houses gifts received from foreign dignitaries.

The Terelj National Park attracts rock climbers as it has two famous rock formations named after things they resemble: ‘Turtle Rock’ and the ‘Old Man Reading a Book’.

The Museum of Natural History displays Mongolia’s history, culture as well as the country’s natural wealth. Among the many famous exhibits, are the two complete dinosaur skeletons, the Tarbosaurus and the duck-billed Saurolophus, which were found in the region.

The Naadam Festival is the most popular celebration in Ulan Bator. It showcases Mongolia’s three national sports; wrestling, horse-riding and archery.

The Golden Eagle Festival is a gathering of a large number of eagle hunters, who display the talent of their eagles at the festival. The birds are tested on their accuracy, speed and agility.