- Bharathi Shetty

27th August, 2013  

1My family and I reached Nairobi Airport at 7.30 local time. We were driven by the agents’ vehicle to the forest lodge, Mbehwa Camp, which was a four and a half hours’ drive.  It’s away from the city, deep inside bushy forest and semi grassland. We were served lunch which was delicious. 3We were given a cottage type accommodation and there were guards everywhere. The Camp had solar panels and generators.

 After lunch, at 4 pm, we left for the game drive, Lake Nakuru, which is a Game Reserve. Vehicles are supposed to go on designated roads and visitors are not supposed to get out of the vehicles. Every vehicle is connected with wireless radio which connects to the forest department. In case of any mishap, they come for help.  We saw herds of Antelope, Gazelle grazing peacefully. Golden coloured young impalas were stunning. Herds of Zebras, water buffalos, flocks of flamingos and giraffes dotted the scene. On our way back we came across three lions eating a giraffe cub.  By six o clock, we were out of the game park as per the rules there. Then we were off to bed. It was a very cold night.

 28th August, 2013


Early morning after breakfast, we started to Masai Mara National Reserve Park where our accommodation was arranged.  They have the tourist lodges inside the National Park. On our way we saw Great Rift Valley, which is supposed to have formed because of the rift between two plateaus some millions of years ago.  It looks like the Western Ghats of India. It’s a breath taking scene.

 At 4 in the evening, we started for the Game drive which was a long drive.  On our way, we saw herds of animals such as zebra, antelope, gazelle, deer, elephants, and water buffaloes. 4We saw one or two Ostriches and Rhinos too. We saw the savannah grasslands which were a treat to the eyes. The length and breadth of that land is amazing!  We came back to the hotel and called it a day.

 29th August, 2013

Early morning, we went for a Game drive and saw few animals. We also went to see Masai tribal people who live inside the National Park.  We saw their house, their cows, sheep, goats, etc. In Nairobi, almost every one could speak English. Visitors can go for a drive, fly in hot air balloon, go for camp fire, etc.

 30th August, 2013

 We drove 4 hours to reach the Nairobi Airport and caught our flight back to Dubai. It was a memorable trip.